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Printer not printing.

What to do if your printer is not printing after you send a print job.

One of the most common issues you will face when printing is that even after you send a job to the printer, it will not print.  Sometimes the printer light will blink, indicating that it is recieving data.  Other times, it will not.   Following the below steps will often correct these issues.

You've sent a print job to your printer and the green light is blinking, but the printer is not printing.  The light blinks for a very long time.

The blinking light indicates that the printer is recieving your print request and will print shortly.  If the document you are attempting to print is very large or contains many graphics or images, the printer must spool this data into its memory before printing.  This can take quite a bit longer than usual.  PDF files are notorious for taking longer than other document types. 

In this case, it is best to wait a period of time before taking action. Give the printer 10 minutes and see if it prints. 

If it does not print within this window of time, do the following.

1. In the bottom right corner of your screen, you will see a small printer icon.  Double click on this icon to open the printer job menu.

2. You will see your print job located there, with other information, including its status.

3. Select the job by right clicking on it and select Cancel.

4. The job should cancel itself.

5. Unplug the printer, removing all power and leave it sit for a couple of minutes.

6. Plug the printer back in and allow it to go through its start up phase until the "Ready" indicator light is solid.  This indicates that the printer is ready to recieve jobs.

7. You may now attempt to print again.

Note: Often times, in order to isolate the issue and determine if the problem is a particular document and not the printer itself, it is helpful to print a different document, preferably a simple Word document.  If this prints, it usually means that the document that is having problems printing is at fault.

Your print job comes out as garbled text.

This is usually do to an incorrect printer driver being installed.  Please contact the Liberal Arts Helpdesk to get assistance with this.

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